Huayu New Energy Global Partner Winter Training
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During November 12-14, 2019, over 30 distribution partners from USA, UK, Poland, Estonia, Nigeria and China attend Huayu New Energy Winter Training Section in 2019.

To make Huayu partners better understand Huayu products(microinverter and hybrid inverter), the training is combined with theoretical part and practical part. 
Huayu engineers and sales experts introduce the unique design and selling points of Huayu solar inverters as well as Huayu R&D plan and marketing plan in the coming years on the first training day.
The second day, Huayu partners visit Huayu R&D center and production facilities, and take this opportunity to play their roles as assembly workers in solar inverter workshop, meanwhile visit the physical factory rooftop installation of Huayu solar inverters.

After Huayu global partners enjoy more of delicious local food and city view in Ningbo during the last city tour day, most Huayu partners inform that they feel excited for 3 days staying in Ningbo and hope there is another chance to come back again soon.